Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Launch zig for Great Justice

If you're connected like most GIS geeks then you've probably already heard the news. But, if you haven't, Obtuse Software went live today and zigGIS 2.0 is officially on sale.

You can check out our official press release here.

Go buy yourself a license and hurry up and start putting PostGIS in your ArcGIS!


Steve Martinez said...

Dude, huge grats on achieving this goal of yours. Hopefully you can get rich and famous off of it and move into a better apartment!!! :)

Daniel Muñoz Castro said...

Congratulations for all. My workgroup and I are very interest in all of zigGIS. We download the software but have some troubles, when we load any table, this appear in the table of content, but do not show anything at the data view, and generates some troubles when we try to open the attribute table. We use this way but like to know if any better exist?
Good Luck.

xanadont said...

@daniel Thanks! Please contact us off-blog about the issues you're experiencing. info -at-

Hudec said...

The new version is greate but the source code is not complet :(
please can you complet it?