Thursday, March 6, 2008

zigGIS Update

Follow the link to view a screencast demoing multi-user edit sessions.

view screencast

Have patience, the videos seem like they don't work but they do; they're just large.


Paul said...

So when will the 2.0 version actually be available for purchase/download? The only thing that appears to be on the website is the video.

I've tried version 1.2; not being able to select rows from the table or query by attribute makes this version only moderately useful.

I'd much rather give zigGIS 2.0 a try than have to purchase the ESRI Data Interop Extension!

xanadont said...


Allow me to address a couple of things.

1. We're aggressively developing zigGIS and it will enter beta in no more than two weeks. We're a "software 2.0" company, which doesn't mean much, but mostly we're not responsible to deadlines ... after all, we're just a bunch of hippies having fun. OK, I'm kidding, mostly. We did announce a Q1 release, but that just doesn't look feasible now. However, we will commit to "soon." :) We want to make sure our users get the best possible product and that means it's taken a little longer than originally planned. I can say that, last week we met our last major goal (about which, a new video and blog post to come), and only bug squashing & code polishing, and business stuff like our website and store, are left.

2. Speak of the devil, I just committed - last night - the bug fixes for table selection and query.

3. As far as we know, today there exists NO alternative to the feature set that zigGIS offers. First, the ESRI Data Interoperability Extension does not include editing capabilities (see "Can I edit data supported via this extension?") Second, Safe Software's FME is an ETL product, meaning it's only capable of import and export. Not to say you couldn't, with some discipline, mold your business process to do controlled PostGIS editing, but we think that zigGIS is a tighter and more user friendly solution. And we hope we can convince you too!

xanadont said...


I found the the info about FME. See the first sentence of this press release.

pjw said...


Thanks for the follow-up; I'm looking forward to the release! I've been using/developing open source (and now "software 2.0") for 15+ years. I'm happy to wait a little longer in return for a quality product.

I'm building a basemap database for my clients. For my read-only users I would have been happen to use the WFS (MapServer) front-end I have already, but alas the WFS support in ArcGIS (via the included Data Interop features) simply... doesn't ... work... You can see geometry and identify features, but due to a major flaw (ESRI bug #NIM009757) you can't view the table, select any features, or run any geoprocessing. This bug has been around for well over a year; still no fix in the latest Service Pack 5.

Thanks again!

archjpres said...

Looks very promising! Cant wait to see it in action!!

Helvecio Mafra said...

Do you have any idea on the price you'll charge for zigGIS?

xanadont said...


It's $279 per seat. We're getting licensing questions with enough regularity that it warrants a separate post. Check back in a few days.

Bill said...

If I can clarify, FME is an ETL tool (and a very good one) that enables uber-translation but would not enable the direct read/edit that zigGIS does.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm eagerly anticipating the release of ZigGIS 2! The new editing functionality looks great. But does Zig enable any of the db 'design' functionality we're used to with ArcCatalog? Or will I have to set up my db outside of the Arc* desktop?



xanadont said...


2.0's feature set has been frozen, but we have plenty of functionality planned for future releases; database management is a possible candidate. However, we currently recommend organizations manage their datastore in the typical DB Admin fashion. There should be a person or department responsible for database management tasks such as backup, mirroring, stored procedure maintenance, etc. PostgreSQL ships with a very nice management front-end, pgAdmin III, making these tasks fairly easy to perform.